marque Ericeira marque Mafra


Absolutely natural. Absolutely authentic. Absolutely cultural. Absolutely yours. Adverbs offering weight to the words abiding the most diverse characteristics of Mafra’s region, which are present in the municipality’s most recent promotional video.

Produced by the city hall, the near three-minutes clip revisits the most important touristic points in the region and gives them a unique label that distinguishes them among the different cultural and playful offers in Mafra’s region. All this under the letters M and E, the new stamps created by Mafra’s city hall for better promoting the territory, its tourism and its entrepreneurial offers.

On AZUL’s 50th video of the week, the beaches, the festivities, the shrines, the tradicional windmills and the green fields are a motive of our tribute for their rhythm, colour and life in this region.